Asthma patients face several barriers on the road towards achieving optimal self-management.



Focus groups uncovered underlying problems

Literature provided a good insight into the problems within self-management. However, I asked myself the question “Why?”.

Why do asthma patients not take their medicine?

Why are asthma patients not optimally self managing?

In order to find out what the underlying problems are I organized several focus groups with asthma patients.

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Inadequate knowledge sources

Asthma is a highly personal disease. The websites that Dutch patients refer to provide lots of information. Unfortunately also a lot of information that is not applicable to the patient’s situation.

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Lack of feedback

When (not) taking medication asthma patients do not immediately notice an incline or decline in their condition.

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Lack of insight

Getting insight into the development of the disease requires a lot of active attention to the disease. In practice patients do not want to spend that much attention to their disease, and they tend to forget how they were doing a while ago